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Dalia Arazi



.Founder of the social network Achdut


How many times did you want to know who is the person you’re speaking with?

How many times did you want to know who is the person you will see at a business meeting?

How many times did you want to know who you have really fallen in love with?

How many times did you want to share with everyone who you really are?


The passion to share with the world who we really are has been demonstrated on all social networks, but what has been disclosed until now is only part of the external layers, the masks. The venture ME allows you to lift the mask and let others get a glimpse of what lies beneath.


Every one of us has a rich internal world that is created as their personality develops. This is where the building blocks of our stories are found in this world. The wisdom we have accumulated during our lives, colored in blurred hues, which conceals from us the path we have taken and the assets we have accumulated.

Achdut is a social network that emphasizes getting to know people beyond their professional lives and to look at their personal life journeys – their fears, failures, successes, wisdom, solutions, and conclusions.

More than 100,000 people – celebrities and ordinary persons, secular and religious people, writers and poets, actors, artists, models, high-tech people, and other interesting individuals from every walk of life followed the successful two-year pilot, and many of them are now registered on the social network,

We have now made available for you the possibility of sharing with world the wisdom that you have gained from your life experiences and challenges along your fascinating and sometimes twisted journey and to turn the value of your life story into financial assets.

At ME, you are the star. We treat your life story as important added value for others who need empowerment and direction. You can convert your life experience into financial value, because your personal journey is a life guide for another person weighed down by emotion, confusion, mental, physical and spiritual overload, and who is seeking solutions to his problems.

Do you want to know how? Register today on the social network Achdut for an invitation, create a profile, start writing your introduction and your ME, and to share. Read other people’s introductions and MEs and join the first Human Encyclopedia written in first hand.

Photographer: Gili Chen


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