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Dror Shmuel


I have returned to live in Israel after many years of living in the United States

I am committed to living in Israel

I believe strongly that we are on the verge of a major shift in history

Honestly, I believe deeply in the Hebrew Prophets and I have shared my beliefs with my freinds and family.

I have been following the lessons and messages of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi for many years

I felt we were drawing closer to the finale of Jewish history even from before my freinds introduced me to his teachings and messages, I highly regard Rabbi Ben Artzi as 

a very special person with a very special calling and mission for the Jewish people

I would not say he has been given a gift..

He has been given a tremendous responsibility, the man recieves messages and visions from the Holy Spirit

It is just too much to deny

The man has visions of what is to come, and he can see each individuals life and problems before they even speak to him

It is kind of scary..

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