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Dalia Arazi


My dream is to bring humanity closer to the truth

Achdut - What’s in it for me

The basis for developing the Human Encyclopedia was that people have something to say about themselves and their personal lives. If we agree that a person’s nature is as important as his or her CV, let us see how we go about it. Is first-hand information about a person’s personal life helpful to you? I believe that it is.

Who will use it?

Human resources firms and managers – the issue of classifying employees is a frequent occupation of these managers

Psychologists and personal trainers – as a preliminary review for treatment

Landlords and tenants – do you want to know who you are renting an apartment to or who is your landlord? You will find the answers at Achdut.

Do you want to turn you accumulated knowledge into a profitable profession? You can upgrade your #ME into a Book, which will be sold.

A new profession in the world!

I developed the platform out of a sense of mission, because I strongly believe that the most important part of a person is who he or she is an individual. Without denigrating a college or university degree, beneath all these externalities the most important thing is who you are.

This breakthrough venture – the Virtual Human Encyclopedia-crowdsourcing – is founded on human elements and content, written in the first hand to be shared. How many times have you wanted to learn about who you are going to meet? How many times have you wanted to know the life story of a successful man or woman?

The emphasis in Achdut is to learn about people beyond what they are in the lives and professions, but to look at who they really are and to learn about their personal life journeys: the fears, failures, successes, insights, solutions, and conclusions.

The idea emerged from my own life story.

When my late husband, Efi Arazi RIP, fell ill, I felt a powerful need to share my experience with my friends on Facebook. This whole experience caused me to become increasingly open, because many people began to respond to what I wrote. Over time, I found myself writing very personal content, but I felt that Facebook was not the right place. I noticed that the friends who followed me had become to share their own experiences. I slowly realized that every person has a life story which could be learned from. Something very strong told me that this content should find a suitable platform.

I am very active on social networks, but none of them was suitable for the content that other people felt was more precious than rubies, because did not feel safe enough to write it. This was as if you had a vintage car, which you did not dare drive on the roads, but kept in a special place where other people also displayed their own vintage cars. Every person has an interesting history, but no place to tell it and no one to tell it to; that is what sparked my wish to give this important content a protected interactive platform where these features would be respected.

There is no place on this platform for someone to write who he or she is; all the content is locked until it is published on the persons ME – essentially a synopsis of their ME. The passion to share with the world who we really are has already been demonstrated on all social networks, but what has been revealed to date are only the external layers; the masks. At ME, you lift the mask to give others a glimpse of what is concealed behind the revealed. Each of us has a rich inner world, which is shaped as our personalities emerge. In our world, this is where the building blocks of our life stories are found.

The wisdom we have accumulated through our lives is colored in a range of blurred hues, which prevent us from seeing our path to maturity and the substantive assets we have amassed. Achdut is an international virtual human encyclopedia and social network, which emphasizes learning about people beyond the what they are in the professional lives and businesses, to look at who they are and their life’s journeys: the fears, failures, successes, insights, solutions, and conclusions.

More than 100,000 people – celebrities and elites, religious and secular, authors and poets, actors, artists, models, high-tech workers, and other fascinating people from all walks of life – followed the successful pilot for two years and are not registered on the Achdut social network. Now, the possibility of sharing with the world your wisdom is now open to you, through your experience and challenges, your fascinating life’s journey, and its upheavals, and to turn the assets of your life’s story into financial assets.

At ME, you are the stars. We treat your life story as important added value for other people who need empowerment and direction. You can convert your life experience into cash, because your personal journey is a life guide for another person who feels emotional stress, confusion, or physical, mental or spiritual burden who is seeking solutions for his or her problems. Who we are is the culmination of the assets we have amassed during our life’s journey. The assets of our souls and the assets of our minds have financial value!

The Human Encyclopedia as an umbrella for other organizations

During my activity on Facebook, I accumulated a respectable 100,000 followers. At the same time, I am active on other social networks, where I also have many followers. In view of the success and the online buzz about the venture, many organizations and enterprises have expressed an interest in being linked to the Human Encyclopedia and to use if for their workers. The Human Encyclopedia is an umbrella, beneath which more and more organizations are covered. These are organization engaged in human resources, psychology, coaches and consultants, small and big businesses, CEOs, designers, and people from all over the world.

The contemporary world strives for depth, authenticity, and genuine first-hand exposure. The insights derived from life’s experience enables us to help others, something which has financial value that is as important and essential as any formal educational certification. Most of all, it is important to me that people understand that this is the direction in which the world is headed. I am leading a huge social process that is far more than a start-up. This is an innovative perspective, the total opposite of what we have become used to, from what we are taught at school where the only education we need to acquire is what they teach us. No one has taught us to realize that it is also possible to learn from other people’s life wisdom, which is no less important, and possible more so, than formal education.

Each of us has a rich inner world. Some of us have forgotten that that is where the building blocks of our life’s story are found. The path a person chooses to go on and the passion to share with the world about who he or she really is, and not to be satisfied with a laconic definition of their profession – each of us has a golden opportunity to present who they truly are, and to use their story to inspire others and a source of income for themselves.

Do you want to know how? Register today to the social network Achdut.

I have many dreams. A whole lot of them! One of my dreams, which I

have had since the beginning of time was to seek true love among humans, real joy and lack of jealousy. This dream is yet to be fulfilled in its entirety, and as I've already written, I'm doing all I can to make it happen, working decisively and intensely towards this goal.

In my personal life I have already fulfilled a great and significant part of this dream, as I have been blessed to have several great loves.

Another dream of mine, for which my late husband Efi is probably responsible, is to fulfill his dream. Efi always said to me, "You are just like me." And so it became for me a dream and a challenge to be just like him. He taught me a lot of things, and I think I'm on the right track: I’m a confident woman, and I believe that when our soul is calm – it brings a sense of wholeness into our life.

Today I'm closer than ever before to achieving all my dreams. I'm a High-Tech entrepreneur, I follow my passions, I make decisions using my gut instinct, I'm quick, authentic, curious – these are great dreams which I had fulfilled and am still fulfilling. Living with a sense of personal freedom is the biggest dream I have fulfilled for myself. I'm not afraid to take the plunge when my gut is telling me that it has a strong craving for something. I have learned to take responsibility for my own life, to make decisions on my own and execute them single handedly, and especially accept responsibility for my actions. As far as I'm concerned – this is absolute freedom.

I have always dreamed of being part of the glamour industry. I studied acting, I took part in a TV series, I produced photo shoots for myself – and for me, these are all a fulfillment of my dream.

Having pets is another dream which I have fulfilled. Being with my pets helps me learn a great deal about myself as well as the meaning of unconditional love.

On my birthday in July 2015 I had a dream which at the time seemed absolutely imaginary, because before I had this dream, I never thought abroad. And now my dream was to live in New York for a certain period of time and to experience life in a foreign place, to become acclimated on my own, to rent an apartment, not to be a tourist, simply live my life and learn everything from scratch.

And that's what I did. It was fascinating! Ordinary everyday things which seemed simple here, at home, were quite complicated when I lived abroad. It was one of the most beautiful and moving times of my life, and I will never forget it.

 Photography: Gili Chen

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