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Dalia Arazi

A hobby, as I see it, is anything that makes me feel good and is not related to my work. Each and every one of my hobbies means a lot to me and to the close circle of people who surround me. My love for small and sweet furry pets has a very big place in my life, and not only at home. currently I have a small and beloved Yorkshire dog and four beautiful Persian cats. As far as I'm concerned, my pets are my children, and everyone should love them, or else… I particularly love writing and taking photographs. I also love being photographed, producing my own photo shoots and becoming a model for one day. And I have some more great hobbies: good books, good music, good restaurants, good wine, traveling to New York and Rome, consciousness studies, and especially going out for walks with my little dog in the quaint little streets of Tel Aviv. Designing the interiors of houses is also something which I really love to do.

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