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Dalya Arazi


Hello, I'm Dalya. Until today I was a half person. You too actually..

That is, to your friends and to your family, you are a hall person, because they know you!
But what about that interview you had? The girl your friend introduced you to at the park?
or for the one who approached you in the social media? To them - you just half a person,
hardly eve that! The manager who interviewed you, know just what your resume describes.
The girl you met at the park, only knows what your friend told her about you.
And the one from social media, she only knows the photos, and the statuses you posted.

BUT WHO are you really? At the social network ‘Mecypedia’, you write your 'ME', and now
people get about you, more than a few dry facts.

I'm Dalya, I was half person to you. Today you can read my ' ME ‘, today, I'm hall person!
Now, you can be too….


Photo: Nathan Yakobobitz

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