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Dalia Arazi



The things that frighten me are connected to my position among people: fear of abandonment, fear of not being loved, fear of being dependent. I am afraid of my weaknesses. The one thing which I find hard to accept and which irritates me when I wake up in the morning is being overweight.

Actually, I'm afraid of things which are beyond my control. I'm afraid of bad surprises. I'm afraid when I'm not prepared for any possible scenario. I'm afraid of dishonesty. I'm afraid of people who pretend to be loving and whose "mask" prevents me from identifying their lack of love right from the start. I'm afraid of verbal violence and of abuse, both against people and animals. I'm afraid of liars. I'm afraid of heartless people and of destructiveness of any kind and form. I'm afraid of someone else taking control over my life, over my memories, over my freedom of expression, and over my legitimate right to live my life as a free woman. I'm afraid of jealousy, and especially of my heart being broken. I'm afraid of injustice, and even more afraid of finding out about it.
I'm afraid of being in an intimate relationship, although I really don't know why…

Photography: Nathan Ya'acobovitch

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