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On Ahdut ve Geula social network you can share personal content, as internal redemption begins so does the complete redemption of the Jewish people.
You can share educational content in any field that can bring the Jews of Israel and the world together, and expose them to content related to unity, redemption, consciousness, freedom, freedom of expression, friendship, kindness, joy, treatment of 
any kind and teachings of any kind.
My strengths are expressed according to the rules of my heart. Since 2010 I am writing in thr social media community, and I founded the Ahdut and Geula site in order to bring Jews closer to the truth and to bring unity between Jews in Israel and abroad, also between the secular and religious.   
Ahdut ve Geula social networking focuses on the question of "who" the person is and what is his personal contribution to promote unity in our country, spreading the light of salvation in the country and the world and what his or her impact is in society.
During this period of social networking, we are constantly seeking approval from our environment - until we lose direction in all this addiction for affection and virtual love. The thing is, we get virtual love not truth, it is not about who we really are, but who we want to be in the eyes of others. We do not know ourselves, and especially recognize the true occupation of ourselves and of our business. We do not remember our victories, because they are self-evident. We do not know satisfaction. We do not remember our moments of happiness, and forget all the dreams that we accomplished. We do not focus on unity. We do not focus on giving to others - which is the purpose of the Jewish people. We do not focus on the most important thing - "Love your neighbor as yourself" - because I never wrote about it, I never incorporated these moments, and never really shared mine and others contributions to humanity. These truth encompasses the way we develop and the lessons we learn..
I worked in high-tech for most of my adult life . Today I am an entrepreneurial trailblazer, with my own company that I launched as a start-up. The platform is open to anyone in the world, in Hebrew and English, to unite, help and share knowledge - that can help us improve the world rather than to destroy it. To move us to towards internal salvation and the redemption of the Jewish people - To the Messiah
My evolution is steadily increased over the years, but what mostly characterizes me is the desire to get excited about my business and to be connected through the heart and soul. I cannot work in something that does not excite me, fascinate me, and satisfies my soul. It is very important for my happiness. Writing helped my personal development, helping me  unburden myself from the day-to-day routine, and it allowed me to share my colleagues insights and experiences in life.
I invite each and every one of you to write here. Write about the good things you do for your friends and for the community, and anything good that can help unite us.
I would love you to read the book I wrote about my life, "The Cherry Gatherer" on the site Ahdut ve Geula. The book is on my own personal salvation, as soon as I wrote down all the things that bothered me for years and years - I  freed me!
The book is offered free to all who sign up for our Unity and Redemption social networking site. 

  Photo: Nathan Yakobobitz


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