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With the help of God
Photo: Natan Yakobobitch

This is an appeal to all Israelis in the Diaspora, of all ages!

Dear brothers and sisters, as a former resident of the wonderful United States of America that has returned to Israel - I am recommending that all the Jews return to Israel the land of our ancestors, urgently and immediately!!

Our country is precious and our holy capital of Jerusalem is at the heart of the world. There is a spiritual firewall around the borders of Israel established by our Creator!

Do not be afraid and do not lose heart.. There is protection and Divine Providence in Israel and it is being felt more intensely now.

Even if there are economic, income related, and employment difficulties - this is the homeland of the Jewish people and allot of Jewish blood was spilled in order to establish our only rightful home in this world.

This is the time to give up on the Diaspora and return home. Even if you are worried or confused about what to do, you should be confident that returning to Israel now is the right choice and the right decision to make. Contact us and we'll try to help you with decisions about housing, employment, education and society.

We are in a difficult and turbulent time teeming all around us. You should drop everything and live in Israel, without feeling any shame in leaving the diaspora. You should be joyous.

Think about your children, your parents and our future as a people...

It's time for redemption.

We await you here in Israel.

Love, Zipa Marom



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