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From the words of our teacher and Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi:

God says: On Yom Kippur ask  for forgiveness from one another and answer we forgive one another.

The problem is that Yom Kippur comes and goes and Sukkot arrives and then everything returns to its nature. So how should we behave on Yom Kippur? In  the heavens they say “he that Forgives from the heart before Yom Kippur all of his sins shall be forgiven”

It requires great strength and courage, it requires supernatural strength for a man to forgive completely those that have harmed him. Brave is the man the conquers his nature, it is not easy, it requires tremendous strength of prayer beforehand, to ask for strength from God to release the hatred from one’s heart.

To hate, to do harm, to be jealous, to deceive, and lie is a terrible thing. God does not desire it.  God wishes before Rosh Hashanah that you bless not not just blessings for our righteous sages and figures. Speak a good word that connects hearts, say good morning from the heart, say hi how are you be healthy and be well have a good and blessed year. Why do we do this before the new year and not after Sukkot? We direct the entire year in order to connect hearts between people. That we should take mercy upon one another, love one another, and when someone you might not like says have a good and blessed year you should accept it and not curse at him.

So that you should not be accused in the heavenly courts you should listen. Is everyone righteous and capable a forgiving one another?

God gives something special in the month of Elul that removes from us much of the forces of Darkness, and helps us forgive and to love. It comes naturally and automatically for Jews to say have a good and blessed year to everyone even if it it goes against the logic and mind of man. Forgive your friends, who is the one that locks your hearts and keeps you hating people? Satan, holds your black heart, he is the one who locks your heart and keeps you hating people.

Maybe you do not like someone, but to hate them is a whole different matter. Why are you envious, maybe he has eight cars, but all day he is occupied with his health problems. Maybe he does good deeds that you were not aware.  Even if he does not wear a yamaka maybe he saves lives gives to charity for medical equipment? What's the connection whether he drives on Sabbath maybe he gives charity? God wants us to have a clean heart for one another and to remove the black heart. Man has two hearts a good one and a bad one. Forgive one another and you shall be forgiven.

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi

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