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Clear and visible signs of Messiah

Regarding the current state of events the world.

A message for those that still have eyes that see, and are not deceiving themselves. You must finally recognize that we are in the last stages prophesied to us in our Holy Torah, before the revelation of the Messiah to the entire world. The whole world understands that we are in a state of chaos unlike anything we have ever known and experienced before. It is different this time. This is not like previous traumatic experiences that the world has gone through. There is a tangible feeling of something great and menacing that is about to happen. Many people feel it, many people feel it is close.

We are on the edge of a third world war. Currently there are 40 million Russians conducting exercises that began on the 4th of October that end on the 7th of October whereby they are going into bunkers and preparing for nuclear war. You can search the articles on Google and you will find the credible articles. The state of the global banking system is in peril. There could be a Global financial meltdown very soon. These are blatant signs everywhere of the Coming of the Messiah according to the Jewish tradition found in the Prophets, in the Zohar, and in the commentary of our Sages. There are many several other signs that I can briefly mention. Increased earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, sinkholes, severe heat, mudslides etc.... Mass animal die offs, animals behaving strangely lashing out at humans.

People have reached the lowest levels of depravity and violent animal like behavior.

Nations are warring against Nations. Nations are entangled within themselves, their leaders and their people. There is much anxiety in the world even among those that are not fully aware of all the specifics and the details of what is happening. The Believers among the Jewish people are in a state of preparation and anticipation. Everybody wants to know when will the Messiah be known to the world in public in front of everyone's eyes.

There are those who still doubt, there are those who hope it won't happen. They know it will mean the world will change and they don't want this change to come about, sadly there are Jews among them. It is very sad that when we have finally reached such a critical point in history that so many Jews are blind, and refuse to believe. The material world has a choking grip on them. This includes religious Jews of all types. God help them, they are failing, they are failing miserably in this time of obligation. The Jews are obligated to believe and to act in this critical time in history.

Regardless of their lack of faith and lack of action they will never defeat the Will of Hashem. God no longer wants the Jews to live in the diaspora. He is forcing them to leave. Anti Semitism around the world has become extreme the Jews are being blamed for everything as per usual. Still the Jews refuse to get the message. They think there's something still worth fighting for. They want to hold onto their homes their possessions their businesses. Despite realizing that it is not just anti-semitism, but intermarriage and assimilation that is destroying their future in the diaspora. God is having none of it. It is going to end very soon. The Jews don't want to get the message? Guess what? now this is happening, the banks are going to take everyone's money and they're going to make it worthless. There is no insurance to protect against what is coming. It will begin in Europe and it will affect the entire world. There will be bank runs there will be desperation, there will be a lot of anger.

The Jews are in the cross-hairs just as they were before the rise of Hitler and the beginning of the Holocaust, it is that serious. Yet many of the Jews of the diaspora and of the Land of Israel are sleepwalking, they are in a state of denial. Kind of reminds you of 1930s Germany. So sad so so sad. Money blinds the fools even till death. So it is suitable that money will be the final push that brings the Jews of the diaspora back to Israel.

The money will burn, the banks will collapse, there is no way out of this. Governments have no solutions aside from trying to start wars. Central banks have no way to cover this up anymore. People think this can go on forever? The central banks can continue printing money and adding credit to the system forever? Answer- That's a big NO!


We are reaching a turning point, a point of inflection. The biggest bank in Germany, Deutsche Bank is close to default. When this bank fails it will take the entire world with it. It will affect the entire world with its contagion. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of derivatives and debts that need to be written off. On top of all of this we can expect the world to be shaken by severe earthquakes very soon, all signs point to it.


There have been many sightings of moons, planets, and of a second sun. This is called the Nibiru system. I'm sure many of you have heard of it. It is not a lie and it is not a deception. Many theories abound many claims are being made, but the truth is that the Zohar mentions this phenomena and that is good enough for me.


The world of entertainment and distraction no longer holds any appeal to those who have any awareness of what is happening. Reality is far more interesting than fiction. So much is being revealed, so many hidden truths.


People's beliefs are being challenged around the world. Jews that have assimilated and have allowed themselves to lose their identity are being forced to look at themselves in the mirror. It is wise to reconnect with your Judaism and to reject the world of the Gentiles. Time to make preparations and move swiftly. It is a time of hastening.

Now is the time to bake the unleavened bread in the metaphorical sense. You must believe and you must act, otherwise you will lose and be in much peril and danger. It might already be too late. Good luck. If you take these words seriously, sell everything and return to Israel in a hurry. If you choose to hesitate, you have no right to complain or accuse God for what is about to befall you.

May God have mercy on us all may He Crown the Messiah in Mercy.

Dror Shemuel

October 2016

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