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Now it is only a matter of time
From Dror Shmuel

For those that are keeping up with daily events and developments, there is a real sense of dread and despair in the air. The global banking system can be paralyzed and frozen any day now without any notice. We are facing a potential nuclear war that can breakout at any moment..


The horrifying revelations we have been getting from the Clinton email scandal, is just too much to comprehend. A real criminal, without scruples or morals can become the next president of the United States. She will have the ability to launch a nuclear war. She is in the pockets of very rich donors from a wide spectrum of individuals and Nations that buy her favors.

There are rumors that she is involved in Satanism, and the latest email revelations prove that her closest friends and advisors have participated in Satanic rituals. America has fallen so far down that it has become a major threat to World Peace.

We are in the process of a transition. The dollar is being replaced as the world's reserve currency. The Elites in control of the United States are not prepared to give up on the dollar as the king of all money. The war tensions are all interrelated with power and money. The cynical explanation is the correct explanation.

Is this important in the process of redemption and the coming of the Messiah?

Yes it is.

The threat of nuclear annihilation becoming a reality is not what our Creator wants.
The world is being put through this process in order for every person on this Earth to realize that there very mistaken for putting their faith in government and in man.

The point of all this madness and chaos is to bring all of humanity to cry out to God and ask for the Messiah. The Savior is not just for the Jewish people, but for the whole world.



We are in the throws of a major event that is about to take place. It has been building for many years and now is the time for the finale. The Jews living outside of Israel have had enough time to understand and be informed of the situation. None of you will have the right to complain and say they were not informed. People have grown tired of hearing the warnings. Believing that it is all hype and exaggerations. There is fatigue from hearing all of this Doom and Gloom. It does not change anything. Reality is still reality, there is no escaping reality.

We have a very special Rabbi, by the name of Nir Ben Artzi, that has been tirelessly warning of what is to come. His commitment to informing not only the Jews of Israel, but the whole of the Jewish people around the world is incredible. He is not afraid to be ridiculed. He's not afraid to be mocked. He does what he must according to the instructions he is given. He says what he must say. He is a messenger from God.



Time is short, very short. No one knows exactly how much longer it will take. What can be said is that because of the dangers the world faces, it can't be too much longer. The world is close to annihilating itself. God does not want this. He will intervene and Crown the Messiah king. This is not too far off. I believe you global economy will start melting down first. The threat of War will intensify. The world will be on the edge and the people of the earth will cry out to God. This scenario is not hard to imagine. It fits in perfectly with expectations for Redemption and Salvation. The world must be humbled, humanity must be humbled, in order to merit divine intervention and God's salvation, humanity must be humbled.

The descriptions we have in our holy books for the situation we face right now can not be clearer. There are those that do not want you think about it. There are those that want to ignore the entire thing. Then there are those that are eagerly awaiting to see what we all want as believers. We want God's Redemption we want our Righteous Messiah.

If there are Jews in the diaspora reading this right now, I implore you to act. For those of you that have made the decision to pack up and leave please understand the urgency. You must not hesitate. You must not drag your feet. You must not delay. You realize that things are about to become surrealistic and chaotic. Please hurry.

How much longer? Everyone wants to know, including myself. I can't tell you how much longer. All I can tell you is that it is tangible. People can sense that something terrible and terrifying is about to take place around the world. The Jews of the diaspora, that still have any sense left in them, should realize that they must act now.

Sadly for many it is already too late as I have mentioned in previous messages. It will take too long to sell your belongings, your homes, your businesses and make it to Israel without having to lose anything. You hesitated, you waited too long. For those that don't have many possessions and much to lose ,the window of opportunity to leave without having to suffer dishonor and disgrace is still open to you. This is why I keep repeating myself. If you are quick and nimble you can still leave without having to lose much.

The earthquakes around the world and the ones that recently took place in Italy are warnings and messages from on high. This has been foretold, this was written in our holy books thousands of years ago. The enormity of what is happening around the world is overwhelming. Jews that choose to ignore the daily developments and choose to  imagine that  everything is routine are asking to get hurt.

I will conclude with a positive message. When we go through these trials and tribulations it will mean that we have reached the end of all endings. The fear and the terror that will be felt across the world will signal the arrival and the crowning of the Messiah in the eyes of the world for all to behold. I look forward to this day with great anticipation and emotion. There are many who do not understand there are those that you not want this to happen. Nothing will stop this process from proceeding.

May God have mercy on all of us, may He protect us and deliver us.

The believers among your people are waiting with great anticipation and excitement.

We are reaching the end. All of human history is about to be reconciled and brought to a just conclusion.

Dror Shmuel








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