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Is Donald Trump becoming closer to the Jewish faith?

In the process of our going to the rabbis lectures and listening to his words we learned to listen and hear every word that comes out of his mouth. Why? Because the rabbi speaks to us in clues and hence, in order that we try to understand things for ourselves.


We saw this track last year where buy heat repeated over and over until September 2015, before the primaries- that there would be a big surprise during the elections in America, and that America would be in shock from the new president that would be elected. He repeated and said over and over but the president that would be elected would be good for the state of Israel with all his heart and soul and would love the Jews of the holy land and would help them very much.


After Donald Trump was elected the rabbi explained why he did not specifically mention that Donald Trump would be elected. Despite the fact that it was clear from his statements that it would not be Hillary that would be elected.


The rabbi explained that prophecy comes from hints and clues. Because we still have the free will of man and it is forbidden to injure the free will to choose but whoever wanted to understand understood.


We learned to value of the ways of the rabbi, that he did not want to harm the freedom of choice and thought and the decision of any person and so he did not specifically mention Donald Trump as the obvious winner.

What directs us to these last two lessons of the rabbi, for the week of November 13th 14th 2016, is that he repeats and explains why the gentile nations do not have a good heart of true mercy and compassion. The Jews have a compassionate and merciful heart only when they are connected to their creator and in the same breath he says that Donald Trump a good heart and that he is compassionate.

The rabbi also mentioned a few times the Trump has a sharp mind like that of Einstein and a good heart of mercy and compassion.

With the honorable Rabbi every word is measured and every word is full of clues and hints and whoever wants to understand will understand. We will take this understanding and connected to the fact that trumps beloved daughter is a convert and is married to a Jew. We will also include everything that Donald Trump has said recently about Israel and how he would defend and protect israel and everything leads again to the headline above is Donald Trump becoming closer to the Jewish faith?

Dalia Arazi

Ahdut Ve Geulah magazine





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